the You have to say it so clearly: today’s Tuesday was brutal. A Bitcoin decline of 17 percent (11 PM), within 24 hours, even die-hard Hodler is not cold. Should we follow the Trend and in a collective panic? What are the reactions from the scene? An Overview.

20. November 2018 share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn xing mail

Bitcoin is crashed. The value of the crypto-currency was reduced within one day to a whopping 18 percent (11 PM). This is instead of and not nice to talk. Who is joined at the top of the FOMO-Bullruns of 2017, recorded since then, losses in the order of about 70 percent. Nevertheless, this descent of a classification requirement.

Bobby Lee: The four great errors of the Bitcoin Investments

after the course, the chaos of 14. November reminded us Bitcoin veteran Bobby Lee on four fundamental rules for a successful crypto-Investment. Especially rule four applies now more than:

crashes include

Those that are a bit longer, can take advantage of the recent fall in for sure with more Serenity. Newcomers, Bitcoin crash. Anyone who thinks that the current sell-off differs substantially from the former Falls, the this table is:

the Magnitudes and durations of BTC historical corrections [update] from Bitcoin

John McAfee: Winter, spring

About Bitcoin-preacher, John McAfee can be divided. The current Situation, he summarizes, but via Twitter perfectly:

“got people in a panic. But this is […] not necessary. We are in a bear market. The suck, Yes. […] But I am 73 years old and have seen it dozens of times in many markets. Bear markets are like the Winter. It’s a gorgeous spring always follows.“

it’s a question of when.

Where is the journey?

How much the springs of Bitcoin, before the floor is reached, white of course, no one. However, there are a couple of promising Support Level, where a course reversal is possible.

So it keeps the chart analyst Murad Mahmudov a Crash to 3,000 US dollars is possible, but at the end of:

Perhaps it helps to remember that the infrastructure is developed, contrary to the courses more positively. To call the crypto-Trading Desk of Fidelity, the BAKKT Futures, as well as the approval of a crypto-ETP in Switzerland are examples. The signals show up. Sooner or later this manifests itself also in the price.

finally, something to Smile about in these times:

Don’t Buy Bitcoin. It’s Going To Crash!!!

watch This Video on YouTube.