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the Main theme, held a HR managers in 2019, have been the logical conclusion: e-work book (ETK) put into circulation from 1 January 2020, And in a year will be the final transition to digital form. This is what says the Federal law of 16.12.2019 on amendments to the Labour code of Russia, concerning the storage details of the work in electronic form.

the advantages of the new e-books are obvious: a decrease in the number of paper documents, reduced labor costs, no risk of loss of information. The authors of the idea even estimated the potential savings for employers of about 500 million rubles a year. This figure appeared in the justification to the draft law before its adoption.

But, having experience with the work book many customers-employers, we foresee a lot of questions, the answers to which are not today. To find them you will have, based on specific situations, but as practice, that employers remain in the area of serious risk.

First of all, it is still not clearly defined sequence of actions for the employer. The law States that employers have until June 30 to notify employees about the changes and their right of choice, they must write to inform its decision before the end of 2020. it is also Known that from February, employers will have to submit special monthly reports (this is the electronic book) to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). But what rules need to rely on the services of the staff to understand the specific sequence of steps, timing and responsibility? But all the changes and innovations still have to regulate in the documentary Fund company. Based on the provisions of the law, employers need to report to the FIU. They will need to make additional settings in the software and databases. Besides it is necessary not only to inform the team and withto take statements and to divide employees into those who remain with the paper version, and who will be on the e-book. For the latter you will have to develop a separate document – the act of transfer and acceptance paper employment records.

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