Würzburg – joke article there are many to buy on the Internet in special stores and even in discount stores. Also for cars, there are now a variety of humorous Gadgets. But how much fun is allowed?

police Commissioner Michael Zimmer from the police headquarters lower Franconia in Würzburg, makes it clear: “First of all, it is so that my colleagues understand a joke.” But, for example, a prescribed mark should still be legible. The law sets other limits.

A controversial classic

for decades, use of separated arms or feet sticking out of the suitcase out of rooms or doors. But fear not, it is just a joke article. But these are trusted allowed Gadgets at all? In the case of the severed parts of the body, the motorists will have to clarify with the examiners individually. But one thing is for sure: The police will stop motorists on the road.

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No impairment of vision and hearing

For the condition of vehicles in accordance with Clause 30 of the road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO): “vehicles shall be so constructed and equipped that its usual operation causes damage to anyone or more than is unavoidable endangered, hindered or harassed”. The room also refers to clause 23: “anyone Who drives a vehicle is responsible for ensuring that his vision and hearing are not impaired by the load, equipment or condition of the vehicle.” Otherwise, a fine threatens.

Vincenzo Lucá by Tüv Süd remembers funny light swords for the windshield wipers. “The must, of course, sit.” Basically, everything had to be so firmly attached that it can’t fall off and no injuries to passers-by cause, such as due to sharp-edged parts. This also applies to the supposed Leichenarm, peeping out of the trunk. As with any other charge he, too, must be hedged accordingly.

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blood spatter on the rear wheel: grey zones of stickers

“headlamps, which are allowed to look like eyes, for example.” This will be glued eyelashes on the headlights. “Basically, labels are problematic,” explains Lucà.

Nevertheless, there are grey areas. So a white BMW caused with the supposed blood spatter on the rear and fenders for headlines. A taxi driver alerted the police, because he feared a criminal Offence. It quickly turned out that it was a sticker. Commissioner room keeps the for a questionable joke, and also points to the following: “If someone wants to provoke awareness of a police operation, is sure to be tested if he has to bear the costs.” Under criminal law will consider, depending on the individual case, Faking a Crime.

There are also less morbid on the label, such as scratching, gluing on the car. When you own a vehicle that is not a problem. Who does that but a friend or acquaintance, to shock these, you should be careful. It can come to varnish damages. “That is quite possible. Then a complaint for damage to property, threatening, and certainly one is liable in damages,” says Zimmer. More than just a property damage claim and may, at the so-called Shock Car Key. This is the mock-up of a car key that emits when you Press an electric shock. Is not prohibited by this article. But for rooms that from the police point of view, has nothing to do with a joke: “infringements it is necessary to examine in each individual case. In any case, a personal injury tort.”

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The Howl of the exhaust, Ghost

another Gadget to friends and Acquaintances up, is the exhaust howl or exhaust the spirit. This is a silver-coloured cap, which can be pulled over the exhaust. While driving a squealing noise is heard then, as the Motor would rip. Who reviews the article reads, but on the Internet, and it is clear that the cap fits on each exhaust and the sound differs depending on the vehicle of a Howl.

room shows little confidence, and refers to the noise pollution. “Should scare the driver of the vehicle, for example, also in such a manner that he causes an accident or damage, this has certainly other consequences, also in view of possible damages.” Directly to the exhaust howl is not forbidden also. Through the identified scenarios, it is possible to get through this article, but in conflict with the law.

Even if the above-mentioned Gadgets are not prohibited, but only via a detour to Anger, to worry, not all of the changes to the car are permitted. “Subject to approval of all design-related Changes to the vehicle,” explains Dekra spokesman Friedhelm Schwicker. “The can alloy wheels new, non-standard approved, the Depth of the vehicle or the installation of another engine.” With joke articles, Dekra sees in the everyday so far, however, very little face.

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