Prosecutors in the Hague charged the President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaci. He is suspected of mass murders, kidnappings and organ trafficking. Because of this, Thaci and the Kosovo Prime Minister Hoti has refused to go for talks with the authorities of Serbia in Washington. The meeting was to be held on Saturday, June 27. What is the probability that Thaci, who is called “bloody butcher”, instead of the high offices will be in prison?

the indictment of President Hashim Thaci and the leader of the democratic party of Kosovo Kadri Veseli will be charged on ten counts of murder, disappearances, harassment, torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity. Installed about hundreds of victims. Hashim Thaci remains silent. His colleague predictable all charges denies.

“All the leaders of the “Kosovo liberation Army” was declared not guilty. It is true that the crimes in Kosovo committed the Serbs, not the Albanians. Today’s statement by the Prosecutor is another attempt to rewrite the truth about our sacred liberation war,” said Kadri Veseli.

However, their struggle is full of black pages. Hashim Thaci as their nickname “snake” and press “sadist” and “bloody butcher”. He was born in the village Brakna, which is considered the cradle of Albanian terrorism. The youth spent gang that was involved in selling drugs, stealing cars, assassinations. In 1993 he participated in the bombing of the Serb police near the town of Glogovac. Then became the right hand of the head of the “Kosovo liberation Army”, which account for about two thousand armed attacks on police and residents. In 1995 Thaci met with Osama bin Laden, was behind the creation of torture camps on the territory of the Serb enclave, engaged in ethnic cleansing in the province. 560 people of different nationalities are still missing.

Hashim Thaci launched a business the sale of human organs, which was known to many. To gather evidence of his actions is tried, the Prosecutor of UN international Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Carla Del Ponte. Here’s a snippet of her our exclusive conversation:

— You tried to speak against Kosovo politicians. I read your book, you say that he had met with Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and that you had evidence against him. What did he say?

— At that time the “Kosovo liberation Army” also committed crimes. He said, well, it’s not UCK (the”Kosovo liberation Army”), and some Serbs, disguised as army. Thaci, in my defense, led this argument, but it is totally unacceptable.

— He was afraid of the court?

— not at all. He was not afraid of the process.

According to Carla Del Ponte, Tachi patron was former CIA Director George tenet, the Albanian, who rudely advised Del Ponte not to go into these things.

In 2008, the German intelligence service published a report which explicitly said that Thaci headed a criminal community in Kosovo along with former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinai. Latest the Hague court in 2008, was fully justified. Thaci then again not touched. Today it pressured the Prosecutor of the special court for Kosovo, as he said personally and that explained the decision to publish information about the imminent opening of a criminal case against a Kosovo President. It happened on the eve of a planned visit by Thaci in the United States, where he was held negotiations with the Serbs. The visit was eventually torn down.

For the trump story unpleasant. On the eve of elections he is expected to receive a trump card in the struggle against the democratic party, namely to win a major diplomatic victory is to solve the Balkan problem. Trump pressed on Serbs and Kosovars to redraw the boundaries and areas of influence. In exchange Belgrade was adoptedü the emergence of Kosovo in international institutions.

trump put pressure on Pristina so that the resignation is already sent to the Cabinet an ardent opponent of the agreement with the Serb radical Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, and a new Cabinet cancelled the duties on Serbian goods.

the Possible removal of Thaci from the negotiation process now will likely further alienate the prospect of adopting mutually acceptable to Serbia and Kosovo decisions.