Bloomberg again convicted of frauds

American Bloomberg the second time in a week accused of falsifying data about Russia.

this time the Russian Embassy in the United States criticized the article, which referred to a sharp decrease in the rating of trust to President Vladimir Putin. According to VTSIOM, the real figures are higher given two and a half times. The Embassy called the article disrespectful to the readers. The diplomats called on Bloomberg to apologize and to provide reliable data.

“one gets the impression that the article in Bloomberg written to promote fake charts and create sustainable about visual images about the “negative dynamics” in Russia. This time the object of the fraud was the “ranking” of President Vladimir Putin. Urge to exercise professionalism and objectivity, to place the actual performance of the trust and to apologize to his audience for the disinformation,” reads the statement of the Embassy on the page in Facebook.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg published false information about the number of hospital beds in Russia. Then the author of the article is data on Russia cited statistics on countries of the Organization for economic cooperation and development, more and 2013. The Russian Embassy in the United States demanded that the Agency apologize, and Bloomberg fixed material, reports channel “Russia 24”.