Stephen Crichton, a former Panthers teammate of Jarome Luai, has been making waves with his leadership skills at the Bulldogs this season. Despite never captaining a game before, Crichton has embraced his new role and has been compared to Spider-Man for his belief that great power comes with great responsibility. His influence on the team was evident in a recent win over the Eels, where his leadership helped secure a victory that may not have been possible in previous years.

Crichton, who has scored in four consecutive grand finals and led Samoa to a World Cup final, leads by example on and off the field. He is vocal and active in his approach to leadership, aiming to instill confidence in his teammates and help them succeed. His dedication to his family and faith keeps him humble despite his success.

At just 23 years old, Crichton is one of the club captains in the Blues side, where he continues to exhibit strong leadership qualities. His defensive skills and attacking prowess have always been impressive, but his growth as a leader has been particularly noteworthy this season. Crichton’s work ethic, football IQ, and talent have earned him praise from teammates and coaches alike.

The Bulldogs, who have not made the finals since 2016, have seen a resurgence this season under Crichton’s leadership. His ability to inspire and elevate the performance of those around him has been crucial to the team’s success. Former Panthers co-captain Isaah Yeo believes that Crichton’s leadership at the Bulldogs highlights his true potential as a leader and the positive impact he can have on a team.

Crichton’s journey from a talented young player to a respected leader at the Bulldogs serves as a testament to his character and work ethic. His commitment to his team and his desire to see his teammates succeed have set a new standard at Canterbury. As he continues to grow and develop as a leader, Crichton’s impact on the team and those around him is sure to be long-lasting.