Borrell: in front of us instead of us coming Asian century

American century Asian is pumped and comes. This opinion was expressed by chief of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell.

“Asia will play an increasingly important role — from the point of view of economy, security and technologies. Now it is happening in front of us”, — he said at a videoconference with the heads of diplomatic missions in Germany.

According to him, this for a long time, analysts say, and the coronavirus has only accelerated this process. “If the twenty-first century will be the Asian century, and the twentieth was the American, the pandemic may well be remembered as the turning point in this process,” he added.

As reported TASS, he noted that the rivalry between Washington and Beijing often has a paralysing effect on the multilateral system. In many unions — the UN security Council, G20, the who — there is much more disagreement and veto than agreements.

Also, the pandemic showed that “the world is becoming more digital and more manageable state.” And the main question is, who will control the digital network and to set standards. Josep Borrell believes that the world can become “less free, less prosperous, more unequal, more fragmented”