the The partnership between IOTA and the Bosch is no secret. Now, the IoT-a division of the billion company in a Blog entry, a new IoT Device similar to the Raspberry Pi. The Tangle is to be used.

13. November 2018 share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn xing mail

The combination of the two IoT pioneers, Bosch Connectivity and IOTA, at least for the smaller of the two companies is an important step.

to understand what Bosch Connectivity introduces in her latest Blog entry exactly and what is the role of IOTA in the process, it is necessary to consider two technologies: “Bosch XDK” and “XDK2MAM”.

What is the Bosch XDK?

Bosch XDK stands for “Cross Development Kit”. This is company data according to a programmable IoT Device (Internet of Things) for “any kind of application you can think of,” Bosch writes. Users can use the device, prototypes of independently programmed IoT test Apps. The device the size of a credit card but a whole range of built-in Hardware components, such as a gyroscope, an acceleration sensor and various other Sensors. Data collected can sell to users, then the IOTA Data Marketplace, and thus an added value for all parties.

“The IOTA Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace for data, which aims to make data for every Client available. Currently, the data are restricted mostly to the control of some entities and for the General mass is not available. Therefore, not everyone can develop new use cases.“

For the programming of the Use Cases that can be realized with the Bosch XDK, provides the company the necessary Software Tools. XDK2MAM is an open-source Set of Software to help developers of applications for the IOTA Marketplace, can program.


Here is IOTA comes into play. According to Bosch, the IOTA applied the DLT technology is suitable for “Tangle”, especially to process the data collected by the XDK Devices. Because in contrast to other crypto-IOTA is suitable currencies for transactions between machines and between people. In the entry it says:

“data is the Oil of the future and the creation of a Protocol for safe transactions, machine-to-machine and IoT-Ecosystem the main purpose of IOTA.”

IOTA profiles with the partnership with Bosch Connectivity as an Innovator in the Internet of Things. Like BTC-ECHO already reported, was mainly the controversy surrounding the Hash function IOTAs for negative headlines.

laid if you want to learn more about IOTA and the Tangle that was this Episode of BTC-ECHO Podcasts to the heart.