In the last few days, some petrol stations in Austria have run out of diesel. The scarcity could become even clearer in the coming weeks.

The fact that fuels are becoming scarce in Europe could soon become reality in Austria. As the Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse” reports, the country is running out of diesel. This could result in the state emergency reserve being accessed for the second time in the next two days.

In the past few days, a few gas stations have run out of diesel fuel. This situation could worsen further by the end of the summer.

Several reasons for diesel shortages

According to “Standard”, the Austrian government wants to discuss a possible release of the emergency reserves in a timely manner. In addition, a speed limit of 100 on motorways is under discussion. However, the Austrian government rejects this information: According to Infrastructure Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens), there is “currently no shortage of supplies” for diesel and petrol.

According to Gewessler, there are currently no plans to release further oil reserves. However, the situation is “reassessed every day”.

There are several reasons why diesel is becoming scarce in Austria: On the one hand, the entire European continent has to import diesel because more is consumed here than is produced. In view of the relaxed corona measures and the renewed increase in mobility, there is also a greater need for fuel to be covered. After all, every second car on Austria’s roads is powered by diesel. Nevertheless, the country is already refraining from Russian imports, although the oil embargo against Russia has not yet officially come into force.

Austria’s only refinery is defective

On the other hand, several refineries in Europe are currently idle for maintenance work. And not only that: Due to this maintenance work, Austria’s only refinery in Schwechat is currently defective. Although it is not yet known how large and far-reaching the damage actually is, it is said to have been repaired by the autumn.

According to “Die Presse”, OMV is now trying to balance the demand for diesel to some extent. For this purpose, a small, old refinery was restarted, which could replace 20 percent of the original capacity of the failed refinery.

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