The entrance is glowing for the new album of Blake and Mortimer, The Valley of the Immortals, released on November 16, . The new adventures of the tandem created 70 years ago by Edgar P. Jacobs, seized the head of the ranking of the best sales of BD.

After being launched on the track of Shakespeare in The Testament of William S ., Blake and Mortimer are about to immerse themselves in a plot at the origin of their adventures, the sequel to the Secret of the Swordfish . The writer emeritus Yves Sente, helped this time by Teun Berserik, Peter Van Dongen (rather than by André Juillard), has accepted the challenge!

The story begins in Lhasa, where the imperial palace of the dictator Basam-Damdu has just been wiped out by a squadron of Swordfish. The world, relieved, celebrates the end of the third world war. However, in neighboring China, the communists of Mao to face the nationalists of Chiang Kai-shek, the warlord of the Xi-Li seeks to put the hand on a manuscript that will allow him to assert his power over the Empire of the Middle. In the Face of threats to the region, captain Francis Blake is in charge of organising the defence of the british colony of Hong Kong. On his side, in London, professor Philip Mortimer has been interested in a curiosity archaeological chinese, arousing appetites and lusts.

The other heroes of our childhood, Lucky Luke, is right in step with his 80th adventure, A cow-boy in Paris where the lonesome cowboy has traded the vast plains of the West for wandering around in the restricted streets of the capital. It is closely followed by the papys the funniest and most rebellious of the ninth art, the hero of the saga, The Old Furnaces with a fifth volume still as enthusiastic, Good for the asylum.

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the Best sales from 12 to 18 November (exclusive leaderboard GFK/Livres Hebdo)

1) Blake and Mortimer, tome 25, The Valley of the Immortals , Yves Sente, Teun Berserik and Peter Van Dongen, editions Dargaud

2) The adventures of Lucky Luke after Morris volume 8, A cow-boy in Paris , Jul and Achdé, published by Lucky Comics

3) The Old Furnaces, volume 5, Good for the asylum , Patrick Cauuet and Lupano Wilfrid, editions Dargaud

4) The Legendary: world without, volume 21, The Battle of the void , Patrick Sobral, editions Delcourt

5) The Arab of the future Volume 4, youth in the Middle East , (1987-1992), Riad Sattouf, Allary editions

6) The blue Gowns, volume 62, Sallie , Lambil and Cauvin, editions-Dupuis

7) The navels, volume 8, Ex, dredge, and rock’n’roll!, Dubuc and Delaf, editions Dupuis

8) Boule et Bill tome 39, was walking in the air , based on Jean Roba, Christopher Cazenove and John Bastide, editions Dargaud

9) Geluck fart shot, This time he goes too far, Philippe Geluck, Casterman

10) The sisters volume 13, Kro of luck! , Cazenove and William, the Bamboo edition