Boy George has transformed the opéra Garnier in the most beautiful night clubs


    What? Boy George, fashion icon gay of the 1980s, on the stage of the Opera Garnier? The displays could be unappealing to some regulars of the room Second Empire. The divas that occur there all night and the diva of the new wave, however, have a lot in common. The meaning of the show, first. And probably a part of their audience.

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    “anyway, I always feel out-of-frame but what a beautiful theater you have there ! And I would like to clarify : I come from Cannes and Monaco, so I can’t be impressed”

    Boy George

    During the first song, the room remained patiently sitting. Of course, the majority of the public had the sixty. But we still had a little fear. And then Boy George, 57 years old, full of charm in her make-up pressed and its hats off to the Geneviève Fontenay has shown to be deeply funny and friendly and put the room in the pocket. “I know that I will be criticized for being there,” he dédramatisé the microphone. “Anyway, I always feel out-of-frame but what a beautiful theater you have there! And I would like to clarify: I come from Cannes and Monaco, so I can’t be impressed”, he added, pivoting on his tennis silver. The latter resistors are permanently gone when the big boy of Bexley has announced that this evening necessarily “fabulous”, he felt like Shirley Bassey. The public, Jean-Paul Gaultier at the head, has burst out laughing. And it was a party for one of the best concerts that Paris has seen in 2018.

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    Surrounded by eight musicians, including his bandmates historical, the phenomenal guitarist-pianist Roy Hay, guitarist Mikey Craig, and four choristers, Boy George was in great shape. Regardless of whether it was ultimately less than ten tubes in thirty years of career, he has a sound all its own. A sound néoreggae unpretentious which made up the entire Opera house with an audience literally transported by this music, which is good. Never the ceiling painted by Marc Chagall had never seen so many people dancing and singing with a good heart. As if he had at all costs to forget the time of one hour and a half, the terrible images of violence of the yellow vests, the day before in Paris. Well decided to revive Club Culture with her new album Life (BMG) and a world tour of the same name, Boy George was given the means to succeed.

    Her repeatedly in the end of the concert Let’s Dance of his idol David Bowie and then the very rock Get it on of T. Rex have been completed to arouse the room and its French producer Gérard Drouot. Internationally, as in Paris, the critics are unanimous. If he comes back on stage in France, go there with your eyes closed.

    Play list from Sunday 2 December 2018 at the opera Garnier, Paris:

    1. GOD + LOVE

    2. MIRACLE


    4. TIME




    8. VICTIMS

    9. SORRY

    10.WAR SONG


    12. MISS ME (NIV)

    13. CHURCH

    14. GIVE ME LIFE

    15. LET’S DANCE

    16. GET IT ON

    17. KARMA