Rio de Janeiro

In the plane that had brought him to Rio de Janeiro to meet with the president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, the judge Sergio Moro has ostensibly shown to photographers in the thick book he had in hands: New measures against corruption. Its roadmap before taking the head of a superministère of Justice. And a gesture marketing carefully studied. In this brief moment, we could pierce the secret of the ascension of a small judge from the south of the country that shook the elites. The “heroes” of the fight against corruption at the head of the Lava Jato, he is the one who has sent in prison of the ex-president Lula, paving the way for the presidency to Jair Bolsonaro.

“The prospect of implementing a strong programme against corruption and organised crime […] has led me to take this decision”

Sergio Moro

a Few hours later, Sergio Moro, a 46-year-old, has officially accepted one of the positions is more for the future government. “It is a soldier. He goes to war without fear of dying”, said the president-elect. For Jair Bolsonaro, this was a master stroke, already prepared during the election campaign. The judge explained his choice in a footnote. “This …

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