A fried egg for breakfast is popular with many people. It’s quick and tastes good. But despite the pan being coated, the egg keeps sticking. An ingenious trick helps.

Egg white is extremely adhesive and sticky – it gets into even the smallest cracks and scratches in coated pans. This is the reason why the fried egg often sticks to the pan.

The fried egg should simply slide onto the plate with a simple hand movement – this is possible with a trick.

With just one movement of the hand, you can get the fried egg to release itself into the pan. This is how it works: Place a piece of baking paper in the pan and set the stove to medium heat. Then add some butter or oil. Then crack the egg directly on top and cover the pan with a lid. Then you wait until the fried egg is ready and then it can slide onto the plate.

And the best thing about it: the pan gets clean again quickly. The remaining egg whites can be removed very easily and, above all, quickly thanks to the baking paper.

The round shape of the fried egg is not always easy to achieve. The fresher the eggs are, the better. Because over time, the composition of the protein molecules changes.

This means that with older eggs, they no longer hold together as tightly and will melt in all directions in the pan. Special fried egg shapes could also help.

A lot can go wrong when cracking the eggshell. The shell should therefore be knocked on the worktop and broken open just above the bottom of the pan – the egg white and yolk will then slide gently into the pan. The eggs should also be drained properly.

The original for this article “Ingenious trick prevents the fried egg from sticking to the pan” comes from KUKKSI.