A smoothie saves time in the morning and is deliciously fruity – but are smoothies really as healthy as the manufacturers claim. Read here why you should avoid smoothies in the morning.

Smoothies are a popular drink for many people. There are many reasons for this. They are quick to prepare, varied, can be drunk on the go and they provide numerous vitamins.

But smoothies are not always suitable. Especially if you drink them instead of breakfast, the fruity juices can even make you fat.

“Green smoothies” are particularly popular – also because many influencers advertise them excessively. They have long been on supermarket shelves and on cafe menus.

But many people also prepare smoothies at home. The variety of ingredients that can be used for smoothies is almost unlimited.

Popular ingredients include bananas, berries, pineapple, mango, spinach, cucumbers and avocados. In addition to fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, protein powders or other supplements can also be added to improve nutritional value and taste.

Although smoothies are considered healthy, they also contain a lot of sugar due to the many fruits. Since a smoothie contains less fiber than a solid meal and is therefore digested quickly, you may quickly feel hungry again.

Smoothies are also often made with ice or frozen fruit. Drinking a cold smoothie on an empty stomach could cause digestive problems. Cold drinks irritate the stomach and slow down digestion.

This can cause bloating, abdominal cramps and other discomfort. That doesn’t sound like a good start to the day.

Although fruits are rich in vitamins and fiber, they also contain natural fruit sugars. Drinking a smoothie that contains a large amount of fruit can cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly.

This does provide a quick energy boost, but blood sugar levels also drop quickly. This can lead to cravings and a lack of energy, which is not ideal for a good start to the day.

If you have the option, a homemade smoothie is always a better choice. This way you have more control over the ingredients and nutritional content. Smoothies from the supermarket often contain added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives.

If you make your own smoothie, you can choose your favorite ingredients individually. This way you can also regulate the desired amount of calories and sugar. You can also adjust the fiber content by using oatmeal or chia seeds and adding healthy fats such as avocado or nuts.

But that doesn’t mean that smoothies are unhealthy per se. They are a good option for a concentrated portion of nutrients.

You should just drink it at the right time and see it as a supplement to a healthy diet. Smoothies work well in these situations:

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