Britain leaves the single market, customs union, free of the control of the Court of justice of the european Union, was announced by Theresa May a few months after the referendum on the Brexit of June 2016. The agreement outlined with the Twenty-Seven and presented to the government on Wednesday overcame some of these promises. The “Brexiters” have a nice game of screaming at the “betrayal”. The essence of the compromise leading to breaches of british sovereignty, a key argument of the campaign for the referendum. “The EU takes control,” concludes the daily, Evening Standard in sa, in a reversal of the slogan “Take back control” of the referendum.

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The puzzle technique of the border in ireland between the british province of Ulster, in the north, and the Republic member of the EU, in the south, has resulted in an alignment of de facto the United Kingdom over the Union. The reverse of what had been …

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