By resigning at the beginning of the month of November, the minister of Transport English Jo Johnson has accused the political class of the british to be responsible with the Brexit a fiasco of a magnitude comparable to the Suez crisis. The disastrous expedition of 1956, when the government of Anthony Eden had tried to regain military control of the Suez canal, with France and Israel, was a psychological shock national. Forced under us pressure to suspend the operation and were re-embarked their troops, the British had realized that they were no longer a great power, and that their special relationship with the United States was not really one. The Brexit, however, seem to have exceeded Suez by the magnitude of its consequences. Organized for reasons of internal policy to the conservative Party, the referendum on leaving the european Union from 2016 has plunged the United Kingdom into a deep crisis, and all the more singular as it was created deliberately.

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