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This can be the beginning of the end, so often announced, for Theresa May. Or his triumph. The hours and weeks that come will tell. And history remembers it as the worst prime minister in memory of many politicians, including in his own party, or as the worthy successor of Churchill who will have completed the task of immeasurable imposed by the vote of the country for the Brexit.

After fourteen the resignation of his cabinet in a year, including six in protest against his management of the Brexit, Theresa May has so far survived multiple conspiracies to overthrow. Its government is divided on the Brexit, was held, eyes wide, despite the absence of an absolute majority of the conservative Party in the House of commons. Conspuée and criticized from all sides, the first minister remains, according to a YouGov poll, the politician most popular in the country, tied with his main rival, tory Boris Johnson, in front of the leader of the opposition Jeremy …

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