What does the architecture of Great Britain look like? British Prime Minister Johnson is currently philosophizing about this – he doesn’t like to talk about the cancellation of the Brexit agreements on Northern Ireland.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has downplayed the dispute with the EU over his government’s plans to annul the Brexit agreements for Northern Ireland.

In an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and other European newspapers, he described the criticism from Brussels as “very moderate”. Everyone involved would be interested in finding “creative and pragmatic” solutions – including himself. Johnson added: “I signed this thing myself.”

Johnson unfazed by criticism

The Conservative government from London presented a bill last week that would allow it to unilaterally revoke the agreements from the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol. Protests came from Brussels and the announcement that several infringement procedures would be pursued. Johnson, however, was unimpressed.

The Prime Minister compared Britain’s future role in Europe to that of a flying buttress in Gothic architecture lying outside the building. “Flying pillars are extravagant and they are beautiful and they support the building from the outside.