Brexit negotiations fell through due to fish

the European Union and the United Kingdom terminated the next round of negotiations on Brexit.

the First time for a pandemic coronavirus meeting of the negotiating groups took place on Monday, reports TASS. After four days of face-to-face negotiations, the representative of the European Commission on Brexit, Michel Barnier said that the EU and UK are serious differences.

In turn, the representative of the British Prime Minister’s David frost said the meeting was very important, but on a number of issues to come to a common denominator once again failed.

the Most difficult is the question of fishing. Europe insists that London needs to provide access for European fishermen in British fishing grounds. However, in the UK think it’s unacceptable and incompatible with the independent status of the coastal state.

the UK left the European Union February 1, 2020 after three years of negotiations. By the end of this year will last for a transitional period during which the policy must agree on the terms of future relations.