Rarely, the EU stand together, United as the Brexit. Even Spain, on the last meters because of Gibraltar’s cross, could still be captured. That this Europe, the stubbornness, lack of transparency and bureaucracy is accused of, has indeed reached an agreement with the United Kingdom is relatively silent on a compromise and thus at least the first round of Negotiations concludes, is a huge success. Now is up to the members of Parliament in the British house of Commons, if you accept this fair compromise, or whether the UK mess is eliminated-like with no agreement from the European Union.

the Latter, no one can seriously want. Neither the British, who would overturn such a decision in a deep economic and political crisis, and the EU. Because of the Brexit caught Europe at a time when the Union as a whole appears to be very fragile. Populists, who want to make their citizens believe that without the EU many not be bad, maybe even better, winning more and more consent. The Eastern European member States from drifting so that you have to seriously ask: Share this community at all the values that have been defined in article 2 of the EU Treaty?

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In may 2019, the EU-Parliament. The nationalists and right can be populist to expect inside, many of the seats. At the same time a US President is in Power, the decades of partnerships little is not in Washington with Donald Trump, if you serve in full to the own interest.

Germany dares not really

appears to stabilize this internal and external pressure, the European Union, or even develop, such as, for example, the French President, Emmanuel Macron intends to be extremely difficult. Add to that its main partner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, venturing very cautiously. More than a hesitant ‘ Yes ‘ to a separate budget for the Eurozone was not yet in it – and that alone has more than a year lasted.

Instead, you must contact Brussels with a wisp Italian government apart. Rome takes every opportunity to make Brussels is bad and any cooperation wipes offer with pleasure. Even on this Sunday Brexit summit, the Chancellor had to talk on the edge with Italy’s Prime Minister, Guiseppe Conte about his budget plans.

The more important it is that the remaining 27 States of the EU to draw the right conclusions from the more than two years of Brexit talks. You should use the shown unity now on to other fields. An example: Yes, Europe needs economic growth. Italy would have done, for example, already some years ago, an investment package. It would have helped to reduce the inequality of living conditions in the Eurozone. But at the same time, the Italians must tackle their structural problems and may not only hope that you will save in the event of a case of someone else. For this, the country is 2.3 trillion Euro debt is simply too large.

the United Kingdom as an intermediary way

The EU member countries should also be reflected in the migration question more insightful. Countries such as Italy or Spain have been absolutely right if you feel this is such an important issue of the EU alone. As well, a better protection of the EU-like external borders, without a functioning distribution key for refugees not permanently.

the United Kingdom, a country that is often occurred behind the Scenes as a mediator, is now can not be of more help. Europe needs to show in the coming years, whether it is actually so combined, as it is asserted these days.