The ministers were irish asked to have the triumph modest. Tuesday, 14 November, while the cabinet of Theresa May was preparing to adopt the draft treaty on the Brexit, their leader launched a rare message of appeasement to the intention of the protestant unionists of Northern Ireland.

“I know that a number of them feel vulnerable, isolated or worried about the agreement which may be concluded in the coming days,” said Leo Varadkar, before asserting his respect for “the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom”. Pat Leahy, political journalist at the daily newspaper The Irish Times , deciphers: “in view of Dublin, the agreement with Brussels is so satisfying that we don’t want to spoil everything by displaying a satisfaction that could do it all freak.”

The Republic of Ireland, the only EU country to share a land border with the Uk, it will be difficult to forget the role it played in the negotiations on the terms …

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