our correspondent in Brussels,

Theresa May was going to submit today to the mp, the draft agreement on the Brexit. The european Commission and the Council are determined to advance at all costs. This morning, the negotiator-in-chief, Michel Barnier, and the president of the Council, Donald Tusk, made a joint statement before the press. A short statement of about ten minutes and the end of which it was not intended to answer the questions of journalists. “No question! No question!”, thus began Donald Tusk. The two men want to take any risk vis-à-vis London, they know how to boil. Witness the resignation of the british secretary of State for Northern Ireland and the minister for the Brexit announced a few minutes later. However, the one and the other had at heart to demonstrate that they want to go to the end to defend this withdrawal agreement, now take it or leave it. In addition to the confirmation of the convening of an extraordinary european Council, Sunday, November 25, there will be this conference the image of Barnier handing it over to Tusk the draft withdrawal agreement, a heavy document of nearly 600 pages. Way of signifying that it is now up to Twenty-Seven to seize it… and that the negotiations with the British on the draft withdrawal agreement have now been concluded. Way for the Board to resume the lmain on the folder.

Brexit : the british government’s endorsement of the draft agreement – to Watch on Figaro Live

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As he had done Wednesday night after the green light from the british government, Michel Barnier has praised the agreement reached. “What we agreed at the level of negotiators, it is balanced, that is fair. This takes into account positions of the United Kingdom,” he said, making sure that the agreement that had been reached could “pave the way to an ambitious partnership and nine”. Similarly, the negotiator indicated that there was still a lot of work to be done. “We have no minute to waste, no minute to lose,” insisted Michel Barnier. Its teams must finalize the political statement on the future relations between the european Union and the United Kingdom. At this stage, the document is a sketch. In addition, the negotiator will travel to Strasbourg in order to exchange with the representatives of the european Parliament, which will be called, when the time came to vote on the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration on the future relationship.

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Donald Tusk took the floor. And force is to note that it was shown to be significantly less playful than the chief negotiator. “Of course, I do not share the enthusiasm of the first minister (Theresa, ED) on the Brexit because, for me, for us, from the outset, the Brexit was a lose-lose situation, and that we should confine ourselves to limit the damage,” he said, throwing then a look in the direction of Michel Barnier. Thanking him and his team, “and, more particularly, Sabine Weyand, and Stéphanie Riso” – the two closest collaborators of the chief negotiator -Donald Tusk was then delivered to the steps of the calendar. First step, member States will now analyze the agreement and the ambassadors of the Twenty-Seven will meet at the end of the week.” “I hope that there will not be too much of comments,” stressed Donald Tusk. At the same time, the Twenty-Seven – “will give the Commission a mandate to finalize the terms” of the political declaration on the future relations will be finalized next Tuesday. The sherpas of the Twenty-Seven will have until Thursday to watch it, and share their observations. “If nothing exceptional occurs, we will hold a special european Council in order to finalize and formalize the agreement of Brexit. It will take place on 25 November from 9: 30am”, then confirmed Tusk. Twenty-Seven have two days to ratify the agreement on the Brexit.