From our correspondent in London

After its expected approval next Sunday at a special european Council meeting in Brussels, Theresa May is hoping to organize the vote on the ratification of the withdrawal agreement from the EU by mid-December. However, given the level of dissent in general, no one sees how the first minister could get the green light expected. Not only the conservative Party in power, with 315 deputies, does not have the absolute majority (about 650 members), and must rely on the help of the 10 elected officials of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland, but the two major parties are so divided on the Brexit that to make forecasts is the clairvoyance. “There is no time for politicking. This is to implement the Brexit for which the people of this country voted,” said Theresa May to mps on Sunday on Sky News. For the time being, no majority emerges. Given the number of abstentions and the elected officials who are not members of, the …

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