This Wednesday, November, Michel Barnier is installed in her office on the fifth floor of the Berlaymont, the building of the Commission in Brussels. Surrounded by his two closest collaborators, he waits for white smoke coming from London. The new finally arrives. It is a little over 20 hours. Theresa May has just given its green light to the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom. Sabine Weyand, German standard deduction, fill in the tear. The French Stéphanie Riso, more expansive, exultant. The chief negotiator, to him, remains calm. “No triumphalism”, he said to his colleagues. It was ten days ago and the agreement between the EU and the Twenty-Seven was sealed on Sunday.

“I’m not a choir boy but I still have a part of utopia,”, said Michel Barnier, the Figaro a few weeks earlier. Utopia, a lot of determination, and a good dose of patience, it took the ex-French minister and former european commissioner came from the ranks of …

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