The first british minister was of the view, on Thursday, that the negotiations on the Brexit were at one time “critical”, three days of a summit that should seal the deal withdrawal and the political declaration on the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom. “All of our efforts should be concentrated on the collaboration with our european partners in order to bring this process to term, in the interest of all citizens”, she said in front of mps in the uk.

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“The sovereignty of british Gibraltar will be protected”

Theresa May, first minister of the united kingdom

The fate of the enclave of Gibraltar and the issue of future fishing rights of the Europeans in british waters are some of the main problems remaining to be resolved to conclude the negotiations of a complexity unprecedented, at about four months of the departure of the british, planned the march 29, 2019. “The sovereignty of british Gibraltar will be protected” after the Brexit, has been added the ruling british, in the aftermath of a telephone conversation with the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sanchez. Spain has threatened to oppose any agreement on the Brexit Sunday if she does not get to be shown black on white that it would have a right of veto on future negotiations regarding the british enclave. What the chief executive of Gibraltar has countered that Madrid brandishing the “whip” in the discussions.

Theresa May has also addressed the sensitive issue of the future access of european fleets to the territorial waters of the United Kingdom. Some countries, such as France insist that the access to the european market of fish caught by the British, is related to the access to the territorial waters of the british to the Europeans. “We have rejected any link between access to our territorial waters, and access to markets,” she said. “We will negotiate the access and quotas on an annual basis, as do other coastal States independent,” she added, citing Norway and Iceland.

biting commentary on the draft of May

in The aftermath of a brief visit from Theresa May to Brussels, a draft “political declaration” of 26 pages prepared by the two teams of negotiators, was sent Thursday to the european capitals. This text has been “agreed upon at the level of negotiators and agreed in principle at the political level, subject to the approval of the leaders” at the summit of the european exceptional of Sunday, announced the president of the european Council Donald Tusk. The document will be attached to the “treaty of withdrawal,” of the United Kingdom, 585 pages, which unpick the links established for more than 40 years of membership of the United Kingdom and has been the subject of an agreement last week.

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This policy statement establishes the parameters of a partnership that is ambitious, broad, in-depth and flexible” in terms of trade, foreign policy, defence and security. But unlike the treaty, even if it has a strong political significance, to establish the framework of negotiations, which may only start after the Brexit, programmed at the end of march 2019. The two negotiating teams also agreed that the transition period post-Brexit may be extended for up to two years after the end of 2020, the date initially provided for in the treaty of withdrawal.

“The withdrawal agreement will never pass the stage of the House of Commons”

Mark Francois, mp, tory,

During this transition, the Uk will continue to apply the rules of the EU and to contribute financially, without, however, participate in decisions, much to the dismay of the partisan british a clean break and fast. The announcement of this progress has pushed the british pound against the dollar, but has also led to acrimonious comments among even the most conservative Theresa May. “The withdrawal agreement will never pass the stage of the House of Commons,” responded the deputy tory Mark Francois, member of the European Research Group, a group of conservative mps eurosceptics.

“delicate Balance”

Theresa May will return Saturday in Brussels to finalise the negotiations, on the eve of the summit. Several european countries among the 27 had insisted on behind-the-scenes for the negotiations to accelerate and that the capitals have enough time to examine the texts, without which the summit could be postponed, according to diplomats.

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“France and Germany agree: it should not be any negotiations at the european Council meeting (Sunday) and the text must be prepared in advance,” explained a diplomatic source. “It is a delicate balance to find,” said another diplomatic source. 27 don’t want a text sent “the last time” but they “understand that Ms. May needs a bit of drama to show that it has negotiated to the end”.