Scuderia Ferrari HP’s activities at the British Grand Prix on Friday focused on collecting data and conducting comparison tests of various configurations. The team aimed to continue gathering information about the updates that were introduced two races ago in Spain. They took advantage of the dry weather during almost the entire two-hour track time to compare the pre and post-Barcelona configurations. Charles drove the car with the Austria spec, while Carlos used the one from Canada. In the afternoon, when the track conditions were optimal, Charles was slightly faster than Carlos. The team will now analyze the data collected in detail to make informed decisions moving forward.

During the late morning session, both Charles and Carlos started on Hard tires to familiarize themselves with the track again. Carlos recorded a time of 1’27″925, securing ninth place on the time sheet. They later switched to Medium tires, with Charles setting his best time of 1’27″903, ranking eighth overall. Towards the end of the session, they both tested with heavier fuel loads and used tires, with Charles completing 26 laps on Hards and Carlos doing 27 laps on Mediums.

For the qualifying simulation work, both SF-24s began on Medium tires before switching to Softs. Charles clocked in at 1’27″150, placing fifth, while Carlos recorded 1’27″249, ranking eighth. Towards the end of the session, they ran with a heavier fuel load and used tires in race configuration. It started raining, and both drivers pitted before going out again on Intermediate tires for a practice start.

After the day’s activities, Charles Leclerc mentioned that they gathered a lot of valuable data and would analyze it to make improvements as a team. He expressed that they were not completely satisfied yet and would work hard to address any issues before qualifying. Carlos Sainz also commented on the productive Friday, highlighting the importance of the data collected for understanding the car better. He emphasized the need to make decisions based on the analysis to prepare for the upcoming days.

Overall, the Ferrari team had a busy and productive day at the British Grand Prix, focusing on data collection and analysis to optimize their performance for the rest of the weekend. The drivers and the team are determined to make the necessary improvements to position themselves well for the upcoming challenges on the track. Fans can check out the Friday gallery from Silverstone to get a closer look at the team’s activities and preparations for the race weekend.