Shocking moments for Queen Elizabeth before her big jubilee: Her plane encountered turbulence, but was able to land safely.

Shortly before her big anniversary party, Queen Elizabeth II needed strong nerves again: According to a newspaper report, her plane from Scotland only landed successfully in London on the second attempt on Tuesday due to a thunderstorm.

The first attempt was canceled due to the weather, the “Sun” reported on Wednesday night. The plane then circled over the British capital for about a quarter of an hour before landing safely on the second attempt and bringing the now 96-year-old queen home in time for the jubilee. The extra laps that the plane made can be seen on flight radar images, which were also published by the Sky News broadcaster.

The Queen had spent the past few days at her residence in Balmoral, Scotland, to recharge her batteries before the celebrations. “The Queen’s flight has been delayed because of a thunderstorm,” said Buckingham Palace. All necessary measures had been correctly followed and there were no safety concerns.