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With a Valet service, is certainly no picnic. In the case of the paid Parking services, you can move a sled all day in luxury, but only on the shortest routes. And then, there’s the Knowledge that you can afford on the low salaries probably never own the car. For a driver in England, the temptation was simply too great.

Otherwise you can hardly explain what happened to Zoe Parr of Manchester. You gave your BMW 123d M Sport at the Valet service to Asda at the local airport, to start from there in the honeymoon. When she returned two weeks later from Jamaica, she met then almost the blow. The car only had about 800 more miles on the counter but had cashed in during your vacation is also a ticket.

SUV and co. car expert calls for: drivers of big cars should come pay for Parking, Of Daniel desert mountain of crumbs and fines

“When this man to pass it to me, everything went very quickly. He gave me the key to fall into your hands and practically ran away,” says the 42-Year-old the Daily Mail. As soon as she sat in the car, she understood why. “I noticed immediately that something was wrong. The seat was full of crumbs, the tank light shone red. So I knew immediately that he had been driven.”

469 miles should be also added on the odometer. The final proof was waiting at home: a ticket due to a Parking offense. 70 pounds, you should pay for extended Parking in a supermarket Parking lot in to the time of their honeymoon. On the enclosed picture of a man at the wheel was to be seen.

Who was driving?

Who’s tried it since then, desperate to find out. “When I called the company, was someone else in it, wanted to report back. But that never happened.” Seven Times you should have tried it. In the meantime landed at least without comment 70 pounds on your account, presumably as compensation for the Ticket. The responsibility and the filling of the tank, didn’t want to take over the company.

the Achilles heel of Parking, The Autonomous car is coming – but the Problem is still not resolved By Malte Mansholt

The switched-police Parr to understand after a few weeks of just shrugging, that they could not investigate further – because the driver was not getting out. The British woman is an understandably frustrated. “I went through hell to find out who is driving the car. This has ruined our honeymoon, in retrospect, totally.”

Actually seems to be Parr to be well sorted. It does not follow probably the first Time that employees of the company jaunts scissors with the car companies – with much more dramatic. According to the “Mail” about a young family for hours, because one of the drivers had set the car against a tree. The cost for towing the company then let them sit still.

source: Daily Mail