Sam Asghari opens up on his relationship with the pop princess. It was also about the miscarriage that Spears recently suffered.

Sam Asghari (28), Britney Spears’ (40) fiance, speaks in a new interview about the loss of their baby. “It’s something that happens to a lot of people,” he explains in an interview with “GQ” magazine. In May, the couple announced that Spears had suffered a miscarriage.

“And one beautiful thing I heard was that when the baby is ready, it will come,” Asghari continues. Someone had also told him that it was a “common process” – and that the female body, like the human body in general, would heal itself. Asghari is certain that the baby will come at the right time. It is also certain that he wants to be a father. “It’s just part of life,” he says in the interview. “But I want to be a young father.” This is “simply the next step”.

“It was the modesty that attracted me”

In the interview, Asghari also reports on the beginning of the relationship with the pop star. The two met about six years ago on the set of their music video “Slumber Party”. “It was the modesty that attracted me,” he enthuses. “She was very humble and she had a beautiful soul.”

Finally, in September 2021, he asked Spears to marry him. With a very special ring that he had given a lot of thought to, as he now says. According to him, he was sure that Spears didn’t want a ring that was “super big and super celebrity”. Instead, he wanted one that “represents something” and “comes from the heart.” After all, he designed it himself: “It’s a princess cut, for a real princess.”