BTS is expected at the White House on Tuesday. Topic of conversation with US President Joe Biden: The rise of anti-Asian crimes.

South Korean K-pop band BTS will visit US President Joe Biden (79) at the White House next week. This is reported by “Billboard” magazine, citing an official government statement. The main topic of the conversation with Biden was the worrying increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination in the United States of America. The sextet is expected in Washington on Tuesday, May 31st.

They want to discuss solutions together on how to stem the tide of crimes against people of Asian origin and encourage integration. According to a recent report by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, these crimes increased by 339 percent in 2021. The metropolises of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles also surpassed their sad records from the previous year.

Also BTS victims of discrimination

“President Biden and BTS will also address the importance of diversity and inclusion,” the statement continued. The band can form a platform as youthful ambassadors that spread hope and confidence in the world. Last year, BTS released a statement about self-experienced discrimination. “We remember moments when we were marginalized as Asians,” they tweeted at the time. One had to endure swear words for no reason and was mocked because of one’s appearance.