The Greens parliamentary group leader addressed harsh words to the Union. And calls for “less male vanity” and “more self-reflection” when working together.

Green party leader Britta Haßelmann has accused the Union of serious omissions and called for cooperation with the coalition.

The CDU/CSU left behind a “huge mountain of unfinished tasks”, Haßelmann complained on Wednesday in the Bundestag during the debate on the budget of the Chancellery. “A little less male vanity, a little more self-reflection, and above all, ladies and gentlemen, a little more shared responsibility in view of this really critical time would be necessary and important and appropriate.”

There is a lot to do, said Haßelmann: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the corona pandemic, the climate crisis, social and ecological restructuring. “We have taken responsibility in this crisis and are doing our utmost.” However, the tasks cannot even be settled in half a year in the government.

Haßelmann: Don’t blow your cheeks like that

The CDU/CSU parliamentary group must also take part, explained Haßelmann to the parliamentary group leader and CDU chairman Friedrich Merz. ‘That’s your job too. Because if you bear responsibility in this situation, in this crisis, then it is your job to support this crisis management. I have this expectation of you as a democratic group.”

The Greens parliamentary group leader said: “We are partly in the mess because you didn’t manage it because you looked the other way. And that applies, for example, to combating the climate crisis. Where have you been for the last sixteen years? We all knew that a change of direction would have been urgently needed.” She accused the Union of bringing Germany into a “cemented dependence” on fossil fuels, blocking the expansion of renewable energies and not promoting energy efficiency and savings.

“So don’t blow your cheeks out like that today, but join in, that would be hip,” demanded Hasselmann. “Take part, decide to also take on responsibility. You should really feel it from the last sixteen years of inactivity.”