When the temperatures rise in summer, fresh fruit tastes even better and the fruit bowls fill up. Yes, not only us humans like it, but also small annoying fruit flies. You can find out here how to get rid of the little animals and how to prevent them.

They are only two to four millimeters in size, but as soon as it gets warmer, we struggle with fruit flies who want to compete for the fruit. Although the small flies (also known as vinegar or fruit flies) are found all year round, they prefer temperatures above 25 degrees and therefore reproduce much faster in summer. That’s why we perceive the annoying flies more strongly at this time and feel disturbed by them. The animals feed on fermenting food in the household and are mainly in the kitchen, the dining room and in the basement. You can recognize the annoying fruit flies particularly well by their striking red compound eyes. Read here how to get rid of fruit flies and prevent an infestation.

Where do fruit flies come from?

Already when you are shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, we help the little fruit flies or their eggs to get into your house or apartment. Because the eggs of the fruit flies are already sitting on the surfaces and the little flies only have to hatch. It will continue like this if you don’t intervene, because the newly hatched flies are looking for new breeding places and the pests multiply quickly. However, not only apples or melons offer suitable breeding grounds, but also organic or residual waste bags or other leftovers. That’s why not only emergency aid is crucial to get rid of fruit flies, but also to prevent a new infestation.

Get rid of fruit flies

As a first step, you should take care of the acute infestation and remove the existing fruit flies. There are practical fruit fly traps or home remedies that can be made with just a few ingredients. The former works by attracting the vermin with the help of attractants and getting caught in a sticky trap. You can simply set up the traps near the fruit bowl and should replace them regularly if the infestation is severe.

Home remedies for fruit flies

However, you can also make a fruit fly trap yourself. For this you need:

Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl and place the trap near the fruit flies. The flies will pounce on the sour-sweet mixture and drown in it.

Another trap you can make with apple cider vinegar. Fill a small bowl with apple cider vinegar and seal it with cling film, in which you have previously pierced small holes. The vinegar scent attracts the fruit flies, they fly into the container but cannot get out.

How to prevent fear flies

You can avoid a fruit fly infestation by taking preventive measures. You should note the following things:

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