Butina said that the Pubic would have done in the United States

Journalist Pavel Lobkov in the US would have waited for the criminal term, community service and a big fine for trying to vote twice. In Russia, the journalist will get off with administrative punishment, said a member of Public chamber Maria Butina.

Earlier Lobkov said that voted on the site and remotely. His ballot revoked, the police launched an investigation, and the CEC head, Ella Pamfilova called such actions a provocation. The penalty for double vote is 30 thousand rubles.

At the briefing of the Public chamber Butina told that in the USA such acts are punished disproportionately more severely. In 2012 for attempting to vote twice, the Arizona resident received 4575 dollars in fines and 117 hours of community service.

But criticizing the Russian referendum, the Western countries have to pay attention to their own electoral system. Russian practice is superior in transparency and democracy, the American, said Butina.

She spent time in an American prison one and a half years for conspiring to work for a foreign government, then in October 2019 deported to Russia.