For many new cars, the delivery times are long. An alternative are young used vehicles. However, buyers sometimes experience unpleasant surprises.

Car buyers sometimes have to pay as much for used cars as they do for new vehicles. According to the market observer Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT), the prices for one-year-old used vehicles are now in some cases close to the former list price.

The reason for this is that many customers do not want to wait for a new car given the long delivery times or that certain engine or equipment variants are no longer available for new vehicles, said a spokesman.

According to DAT, young, used high-horsepower models such as the Audi RS, Mercedes AMG or BMW M series are occasionally sold at the former list price or even above. But smaller vehicles from other manufacturers such as Dacia or Toyota are also on offer as young used vehicles at the former list price or slightly below.

Young used cars in demand

According to a representative DAT survey in May, used vehicles are also an option for almost 40 percent of those planning to buy a new car. Young used vehicles in particular are in demand. The fact that prices are increasing in the direction of the former list price does not only apply to individual segments such as the upper class, said the spokesman.

Overall, according to DAT observation, used car prices have risen significantly in recent months. The reason for this is, among other things, a clear range of vehicles as a result of the pandemic, chip crisis and lack of parts.