in The United States, the California laments a new balance, terrible and that may well be even higher. The fires that are raging in the “Golden State” have left at least 59 dead. Three people have been victims of the “Woolsey Fire”, which occurred last week near Thousand Oaks, before spreading up to the beach resort of Malibu, west of Los Angeles. The flames have ravaged nearly 40,000 hectares.

further north, the “Camp Fire” devastated 56.000 hectares of land and has made at least 56 dead, announced by the sheriff of the county of Butte, Kory Honea. A previous balance sheet was 48 deaths, but “the remains of eight new victims have been found,” Wednesday, at Paradise, a small town wiped off the map by the fire, ” said Kory Honea. The latter added that the authorities “thought” to have identified 47 victims, but that they “were waiting for a confirmation DNA”.

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The sheriff also pointed out that cutting-edge equipment for DNA analyses ultra-fast was in the process of reaching the site. “From tomorrow, all those who think that a member of their family has perished can come and provide us with a DNA sample,” noted Kory Honea who wants to give the priority to the research of the victims of the “Camp Fire”.

the staff of The aid devoted to this task have been almost doubled and now 461 people, with the help of 22 dogs specialized in the search of human remains, are deployed on the ground. The police were also able to locate the over 200 people that they thought were missing, was welcomed by the sheriff. On Wednesday evening, about 130 people remained unaccounted for, especially older people from Paradise.

The cause of fire yet to be established

After you have provoked a controversy by accusing on Saturday, the State of California of the “bad management” of the forests so that they are in the majority under the control of the federal government, Donald Trump has assured on Wednesday that the population of california to its support in a message on Twitter, and praised “the heroism, the courage and the genius” of the emergency services.

“Paradise was well prepared for this kind of emergency, but this fire was unprecedented, unstoppable, and a lot of people are caught” in spite of the evacuation orders, said the democratic governor of California, Jerry Brown, come to the meeting on rescue and relief efforts in the region. The evacuation order is still in effect and should not be lifted until several weeks later.

the origin of The two fires has not yet been identified, but several of the victims have launched a court action in San Francisco against the local electricity supplier Pacific Gas & Electricity (PG&E). According to the complaint of the lawyer Mike Danko, who represents 20 victims of the “Camp Fire”, the fire would have been caused by “sparks” on a high-voltage line of the company. A spokesman for PG&E denied any responsibility of the electricity company.

For the past year, California has experienced several major fires, which have, in total, almost 100 people dead, and burned hundreds of thousands of hectares. The drought has been raging for several years about this great State in the western United States.

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