Tragic record for California. The balance sheet of the fire, “Camp Fire”, which is still far from being content, is increased to 42 dead on Monday evening, which makes the forest fire widely the most deadly in the history of this american State on the west coast.

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further south in California, another fire killed two people, bringing to 44 the total number of death in the State. Le Figaro made the point on these two forest fires, the latest examples of a “California” more often and violently ravaged by the flames.

Infographie Le Figaro

in The North, “Camp Fire”: 42 dead

“Until now, the remains of 13 new people have been discovered, bringing the total number of dead at 42″ in California, said the sheriff of the county of Butte, Kory Honea. The ” Camp Fire “, which has been raging since Thursday in the north of the city of Sacramento, has now reaped more lives than the “ Griffith Park Fire ” (the deaths of 29 people to Los Angeles in 1933). And even if it is difficult to be categorical because of the flaws and weaknesses of the readings, this forest fire is likely to be the most deadly that has hit the United States since a century, since the “ Cloquet Fire ” where were killed about 1,000 people in Minnesota, in 1918.

The town of Paradise was literally wiped off the map, leaving behind landscapes of desolation. On Monday, the “Camp Fire” was always content to about 25%, but it has ravaged the 45,000 hectares of the county of Butte, an area where it has not rained more than an inch of water for more than thirty weeks. Firefighters, three of whom were wounded, sought particularly to protect buildings threatened by the flames.

An American couple in front of the remains of their home in Paradise. Noah Berger/AP

in The South, “Woolsey Fire: 2 dead

The ends of the northern and southern California were covered with thick smoke and the sun, barely visible, hidden by several lights of differing extents. In particular, the ” Woolsey Fire “, in the western suburbs of Los Angeles, near the famous seaside resort of Malibu. This fire is of a similar magnitude to that of the “Camp Fire”, but has been much less deadly, with two of the victims, found in a car on a private lane. It burned 37.600 ha and was not content to 30%, according to the agency of the fire department of California, CalFire. But strong winds in their complicated task. A third fire, the ” Hill Fire “, in the county of Ventura, northwest of Los Angeles and Malibu, was in the process of being mastered, and content on a Monday morning to 75%. In the case of “Woolsey Fire” as of “Camp Fire”, the exact cause of the fire starting have not yet been identified.

A water bomber near houses. Ringo H. W. Chiu/AP

5100 firefighters are fighting the fire.

strong winds from the north-east continued to blow Monday on the region, where more than 5100 firefighters were hard at work, so that not a drop of rain was to be expected by the end of the month. The soldiers of the fire, came from all over the country, are accompanied on the terrain of anthropologists, and a laboratory analysis of DNA to identify the body, sometimes reduced to mere fragments of bone.

one of The 5100 firefighters mobilized. Ringo H. W. Chiu/AP

Kory Honea had explained on Sunday that the search for potential additional body was “very very difficult”, adding that the authorities were still without news of more than 200 people. “There is so much of rubble in some of these areas that it is very difficult to determine if there could be human remains”, he said about the “Camp Fire” that has already devastated some 6.453 buildings.

● 250,000 people evacuated

Over 250,000 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in a wide region near Sacramento, the capital of this western State of the United States, and in Malibu and its surrounding area. The authorities have asked residents of all the localities close to the evacuated areas to stay at home with doors and windows closed, and to drink only bottled water or water boiled before consumption.

“Camp Fire” near Paradise. Noah Berger/AP

Among the evacuated are the residents of Thousand Oaks, where a former military opened fire on Wednesday evening in a bar in the city, killing twelve people before committing suicide. In Malibu, all schools have been closed until the 19th of November at least. The city, which is home to many celebrities, has been completely evacuated, and some residents were allowed Sunday evening to return to their homes. The singer Miley Cyrus has been destroyed, in the southern part of the State. “Completely devastated by the fires affecting my city. I’m one of the lucky (…) My house no longer exists but my memories shared with family and friends still live,” she tweeted.

● Donald Trump ordered a “federal assistance”

The u.s. president has acknowledged a “major disaster” and ordered federal assistance to the affected areas – the counties of Butte, Los Angeles, and Ventura, editor’s NOTE -according to a press release from the White House. The president had denounced a few days earlier, in a tweet, the management of forests, “so bad”, an accusation called a “dangerously wrong” by the head of the firefighters union in california, Brian Rice. Monday morning, Donald Trump had expressed its thanks to the firefighters and the emergency services.

More than 6,000 buildings destroyed. Noah Berger/AP

C alifornie: fires more frequent

authorities have warned that the spread of the fires was more rapid than in the past. “This is not a new normal, this is a new abnormality. And this new abnormality that will continue, probably in the 10 to 15 or 20 years”, had considered the governor of California, Jerry Brown, Sunday. “Unfortunately, the best science tells us that the drought, the heat, all these things are going to intensify.”

Most of 6750 km2 burned in 2018. JOSH EDELSON/AFP

This new abnormality is found in the figures. By its size (120,000 hectares), the Mendocino Complex” had become last August, the biggest fire in the history of California, beating the recent record of fire-Thomas (114.000 ha). In total, in 2018, 6750 km2 were burned at 7579 fire. A record. In October 2017, a series of 250 fires had caused the death of 44 people in just a week. Another record, now shared with the one from this week, but, particularity, it is this time one and the same fire is the origin of the great majority of the victims.