on the other side Of the border, hundreds of soldiers and police officers trained in repelling, helicopters for support, a possible intrusion. At the same time, several hundreds of migrants from the caravan coming from central America are shown near the border, determined to be able to file an asylum application. The procession, including women and children, was shaken to mid-day on the baseball field, where they are installed. “We’re already desperate,” said one of them interviewed by Reuters. Last night, it rained and we all got soaked. There is more room. We are all sick. My kids have a cold… and nobody came to help us.”

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An agent from the group Beta, which brings together officials and volunteers from the mexican government to provide assistance to migrants, tried to reason, recalling that it was necessary to register on a waiting list for submitting an application for asylum in the United States. Only, the study of the records of the asylum request may take more than a year. The agent also pointed out the benefits that migrants could take in seeking asylum in Mexico. “There is a desk where you are offered work, there is work in the city (…) We want you to be able to earn a bit of money before going to the United States,” he urged. “No, we don’t want to!”, have countered the migrants before resuming their walk.

lethal Force

Donald Trump has previously threatened to close the border, including to trade. “If we get to a stage where we lose control or there is violence, we will close a temporary entry in the country until the situation is under control again, the president said. I do want to say across the border, Mexico will not be able to sell its cars in the United States.” It ensures the passage to have allowed the soldiers to use, if necessary, the lethal force at the border. At the beginning of the month, Donald Trump had suggested that the army could fire in case of aggression, before going back on his words the next day.

Trump threatens again to close the border with Mexico – to Watch on Figaro Live

About 9000 american soldiers have been deployed to the border with Mexico. About 4500 migrants, most of them Hondurans, are currently hosted in Tijuana, where the shelters are arrived at saturation, and some spontaneous settlements have started to appear nearby. In the State of Baja California, where Tijuana, there are currently 6000 migrants, according to local authorities. The migrants of this vast procession have left Honduras on the 13th of October, fleeing violence and poverty, and travelled more than 4000 kilometres in a little over a month.

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