The more frequently shoes are used, the more clearly road dirt, dust and sweat become noticeable. If the commercially available care products fail, only the washing machine remains. But not every shoe is suitable for this.

Classic sports or street shoes, which are used in everyday life as well as for sporting (outdoor) activities, become more and more dirty over time and start to stink – shoe deodorant will no longer help. Here it would make sense to simply clean the treads in the washing machine, but are they even suitable for this? In fact, all shoes made of synthetic materials can be washed, such as vegan sneakers, ballerinas, sneakers, canvas and canvas shoes. This article explains what you need to consider and how you can wash your shoes by hand.

Instructions for washing shoes: step by step

Care tips: Wash shoes without a washing machine

Whether boots, high heels or sandals: If the shoes are made of leather, they must never be put in the washing machine. But what if the fine shoes are so dirty that you no longer want to show them in public? Quite simply, there are a variety of suitable care products that you can use to clean leather – the same also applies to shoes made of synthetic materials, which you also use because of glued or sewn-on applications (e.g. metal, rhinestones or sequins). cannot be machine washed.

And even with sensitive shoes, it makes sense to treat the material with an impregnation spray after manual cleaning and care.

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