Carl Lentz has been through a lot of changes recently, especially since his moral failings led to his dismissal from Hillsong Church in 2020. Despite finding a new church to attend, Carl has stated in an interview with PEOPLE that he doesn’t see himself returning to the role of a pastor in the future.

The 45-year-old former pastor mentioned that he hasn’t had serious discussions with his wife about going back to being a pastor and doesn’t feel the desire in his heart to pursue that path. He believes in being open to what God may have planned for him without making absolute decisions about his future.

Reflecting on the significant challenges he faced as a leader and the need to repair the damage caused by his actions, Carl expressed that staying away from a pastoral role for an extended period is the best decision for him. He emphasized the importance of taking the time to heal and grow from his past mistakes.

Currently, Carl and his family are actively involved in the Transformation Church, where they feel welcomed and supported without judgment. Carl praised the church for its inclusive and loving community, highlighting the genuine care and devotion shown by its members towards each other and towards God.

Despite his past, Carl has found a role as a strategist at TC, utilizing his strengths and skills to contribute meaningfully to the church’s mission. He appreciates the opportunity to work alongside Pastor Mike and values the friendship and guidance he has received during this time of transition.

When asked about their thoughts on Hillsong Church, Carl and his wife Laura expressed neutrality, stating that they have moved on to focus on their own journey and wish the best for everyone at Hillsong. While they will always cherish the relationships they built at Hillsong, they are now looking ahead and embracing the new path they are on.

Overall, Carl Lentz is taking the time to reflect, heal, and grow from his past experiences, finding solace and purpose in his current involvement with the Transformation Church. Despite the challenges he has faced, Carl remains hopeful and open to whatever the future may hold for him and his family.