The case Khashoggi doesn’t link the twists and turns. This Monday, she found herself at the centre of trade, particularly spiced between Paris and Ankara. Reacting to the comments of Jean-Yves Le Drian, the same morning on France 2, on the “political play of Erdogan”, the Turkish authorities have been quick to judge his comments “unacceptable”. “I confirm that the evidence related to the murder of Khashoggi were also shared with the relevant institutions of the French government. On October 24, a representative of the intelligence services of French listened to the audio recording”, and had access to “detailed information”, says the spokesperson of the Turkish presidency in a press release sent in the afternoon to the AFP.

” OUR case – the Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi: the shock wave

These statements are in response to the new revelations this weekend by the head of the Turkish State. Visibly angered by the lack of reactivity in western, and determined to bend the power of saudi arabia, president Erdoğan has for the first time officially confirmed on Saturday, the existence of records relating to the assassination, on 2 October, the journalist of saudi arabia in the precincts of the consulate of Istanbul. It was also asserted to have shared, in particular with Riyadh, Washington and Paris. The presidency later clarified that they had been listened to but that no written document had been shared.

Traces of acid

Unlike Paris, the prime minister of canada, Justin Trudeau, has acknowledged on Monday that the services of his country had access to these records. “The intelligence agencies in canada have worked very closely with the Turkish and have been fully informed of what the Turkey had to be shared,” said Trudeau.

To date, the only information published in some Turkish media and foreign evoked the existence of “evidence of sound”. Several anonymous sources have also claimed that they had been shared with the director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, during his trip, at the end of October, in Turkey.

This new episode of the case of Khashoggi coincidence with the revelation of new details on its elimination. On Saturday, the government daily Sabah has said that the dismembered body of a columnist of saudi arabia, which collaborated regularly with the Washington Post , was poured into the pipes after they have been dissolved. According to the newspaper, which did not cite its sources, samples would have enabled the detection of traces of acid.

But this case, which can be found today at the heart of a war of communication between Ankara and Riyadh, continues to face the prudence of some capitals who seek to safeguard their economic interests with Riyadh. “These are considerations which weigh in the balance in France, supplier of arms major of saudi Arabia,” says a source close to the folder.