In “Aktenzeichen XY” a case from Hanover will be shown this Wednesday. The murder of a homeless man in the Eilenriede city forest is still a mystery to the police today.

The act, which is the subject of “Aktenzeichen XY” this Wednesday evening, happened almost a year ago: In Hanover, a passer-by found a dead man at the beginning of July 2021. The public prosecutor’s office and the police department in Hanover had announced at the time that the body had serious stab wounds. To this day, however, there is no trace of either the perpetrator or the murder weapon.

The passer-by had made an emergency call shortly before 6 a.m. in the morning. According to the police, he had previously discovered a lifeless man sitting on a park bench on the edge of Eilenriede in the List district on Werner-Holtorf-Weg, not far from Hohenzollernstrasse and the corner of Heinrichstrasse. The Eilenriede is the city forest of the Lower Saxony state capital.

Murder case Dirk S. this Wednesday evening in the program “Aktenzeichen XY”

It soon turned out that the dead man was the homeless 54-year-old Dirk S. According to media reports, investigators are now assuming that the man was stabbed to death between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the night of July 6.

According to reports, Dirk S. was known to many people in Hanover’s Oststadt. According to the “Hannoversche Allgemeine” (“HAZ”), many people in the area took care of the man, who was considered friendly but also taciturn. He is said to have been confused at times, the “HAZ” writes in its report about the case that he heard voices.

The sympathy after the death of Dirk S. was great, as it says in “HAZ”. After his death, people placed flowers and candles on the park bench. A memorial service was also held for him in the Trinity Church.

In “Aktenzeichen XY” the case is reconstructed in a video. The criminal police are asking for information by calling (05 11) 1 09 55 55.

Sources: file number XY, “Hannoversche Allgemeine”