For years, Cathy Hummels has not really shown her son Ludwig’s face. She is now posting a current frontal photo on Instagram.

Cathy Hummels (34) avoided showing her son Ludwig’s (4) face from the front for four years. Hidden, from behind, from the side, a photo that was quickly deleted or an older photo were the only versions that the followers of the influencer had seen on Instagram. That’s enough of that.

Hummels shows three recent photos of her son from the front and one from the side. According to the comment, the pictures were taken during a DTM race. “Today Ludwig’s dream came true. Seeing racing cars in real life and getting to know a real racing driver, Maximilian Götz [36]!!!”, she wrote.

That’s why she now shows her Ludwig from the front

“I show Ludwig in this photo because he was here at an official appointment or I was with him,” she explains her step. It was his heart’s desire. “His smile and his bright eyes speak volumes. He also has a lot to deal with emotionally, but I’ll do my best,” says Cathy Hummels.

Ludwig comes from Cathy Hummel’s marriage (since 2015) to soccer star Mats Hummels (33). Neither of them have publicly commented on the headlines surrounding a possible separation.