Much better you can make it. Only Friedrich Merz launched a possible interest in the CDU presidency via Bild newspaper, only a few minutes after clear was that German Chancellor Angela Merkel into office in December. Then he makes the deliberate ambiguity of the 24 hours. On Tuesday, he stops then before the assembled capital press farm.

The press conference is not perfectly staged: compact 20 minutes, just short enough, to giveaways, but long enough to get the public’s attention to attract. Like a Monarch of bygone times, had to show to the people only briefly on the balcony. In fact, the Federal press conference at midday is occupied to the last seat, ahead of Merz with so many camera people mind, when he was Chancellor.

So, Merz, and within a few days of its competitors, the CDU leadership under pressure to act. General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Minister of health, Jens Spahn, had previously declared only internally in the party Executive: Yes, you want to compete. In the afternoon, Spahn reported by a guest contribution in the Frankfurter General – what will largely fizzle out, because the whole of the capital press sat at Merz.

Merz makes all the offers, Green – as the AfD-voters

Merz has for the last three days wisely used, so smart that you can safely assume, that he the past nine years away from the policy can also be used, to Merkel’s departure to prepare.

Merz ran to what he, the CDU considers the “core brand” want. As he explains it, at least at the press conference in Berlin. With Merz gives this core is quite edgy, but also very large and defined. He makes rather offers to all sides: The economic liberals, and a clientele that are not able to reach his adversary Kramp-karrenbauer rather, he calls out: “We have in Germany a lot of little shareholders.”

The Euro-critics, he said already two years ago in a TV Interview: He would not have voted for the introduction of the Euro, probably in retrospect. At the press conference he gives, by contrast, the Pro-Europeans – on Macrons proposals for the deepening of the Union, Germany had responded “too little”. At the same time, he pushes nonchalant afterwards, that he does not think that the zero interest rate policy of the ECB for the brand dangerous. A Signal to the AfD-voters.

one of The many Union voters and voters that have migrated in the last elections to the Green, he promises that he wants to focus on the Ecology. He stressed on the press conference twice. The feeling of life among young people in the University-cities, he does not want to give for the CDU lost yet.

In times where the word professional politicians is considered almost as a dirty word, trying to Merz, its nominal disadvantage, that he was not involved for years in the party, Parliament or ministries, in a stand-alone feature to be changed: “I have had the Chance of the policy to study from the outside,” he says.

Merz is at the base of popular. But is that enough?

Merz is the face of all those CDU supporters, who have suffered for years under Merkel, of all the men she has survived on her long path to Power. The Wulff, Cook, Environment Minister. Merz is the embodied longing for the old, conservative, male West-CDU. That makes him at the base, and in some media popular. But on party days, members will vote on the Chairman. But the staff of the party. Among the elected delegates Spahn and Kramp-Karrenbauer, at least on paper, the better networks.

How are Merz’ chances?

it Should be actually elected, it would have done with Merkel’s chancellorship quite quickly. Hard to imagine that the two would manage to govern until 2021 peacefully in isolation. In the press conference, he leaves the on-demand aware that just says, you’ll get along with each other. Some is likely to deter Merkel’s predictable end with the election of the Chairman. Opponents of the Grand coalition, cannot wait for a fresh start, and of which there are in the Union, some of the incite. And maybe that Merz is exactly’ advantage: party days can tilt into the Irrational. Emotions play a role, good Talk. And Merz can talk to.

Long had been set up on a duel Kramp-karrenbauer against Spahn. And then appeared – out of Nothing – Friedrich Merz. No one had the former President of the group on the paper. There was a similar situation with Ralph Brinkhaus. He came unexpectedly against Volker Kauder and won the election to the group’s Chairman. This is now at Merz as well?

which is certainly the most for Merz, his Habitus. He is one of the few Christian Democrats, the trigger on the Left-hand gasping. In the case of Merkel, Kramp-Karrenbauer, or Armin, the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia, were Laschet it more to the Right, pale. The fear and anger of the main political opponent can potentiate the their own imagined strength. But whether it’s enough to get the CDU back to the people’s party? Merz is a chance.