If you are sitting at home in the water tower in Frechen, it has a beautiful panoramic view. Especially Tina Theune enjoys it when the Cologne Cathedral, the red sun to see. “Sometimes, I can also look to the seven mountains. This is great,” says Theune of the German press Agency.

Today, the pioneer of the German woman football 65 years of age, but the pension she thinks. “I’m in the middle of, I still have a lot of pleasure and joy in my work.”

your birthday is to spend Theune “quiet”. Instead of a big Party, there are several small Events. Your family in Kevelaer wants to visit, with friends in rubber boots walking on the Rhine, in order to find “things.” There is also a small Celebration with neighbors is planned. “We distribute to several days,” says Theune.

in Kleve on the lower Rhine-born pastor’s daughter who grew up with four sisters, was in women’s football, always the First. Although you had to end your career as a player after a knee surgery at a relatively early age, but her Sport, she remained a life-long loyalty.

As the first woman in Germany Theune, in 1985, acquired the football teacher license and hired a year later at the DFB as an honorary coach and assistant coach of women’s national coach Gero Bisanz, the training was then in charge of the football teacher. “Gero has changed a lot. From him I have learned very much,” says Theune on your conveyor, at whose side she won three European titles (1989, 1991, 1995) and in 1995 for the world championship.

After the Olympic women’s football Premiere in Atlanta in 1996 she took over as Byzantine as the first woman to the office of the national coach Silvia Neid her assistant was. Already a year later, Theune led her Team in Norway and Sweden for the first of three European championship titles as a head coach. The biggest Coup Theune was able (at that time still under the name Theune-Meyer) with the winning of the first German championship title of the women in 2003. In the legendary final from Carson, Nia Künzer and managed by a head in the Golden Goal 2:1 against Sweden. Again a novelty: for the First time, a trainer led a women’s Team to world Cup Triumph.

Previously, the DFB-selection of Bettina Wiegmann, Maren Meinert, goalkeeper Silke Rottenberg and striker Birgit Prinz in the semi-finals had defeated sensational the highly favored host and defending champion USA. The 3:0 against Mia Hamm and co. is widely regarded as one of the best women’s matches of the history. Theune says of her Team: “The team was great, with many good types. Funny, creative, committed and courageous.” Against the USA you’ve had with Rottenberg a “Warlock at the gate”, a “stable defense”, an “outstanding midfield” and a “merciless key striker”.

In return, the DFB-Tross was celebrated at the Frankfurt Romans by tens of thousands of Fans. The success of unleashed in Germany a women’s football Boom, of the long not worn off. According to the European Championships in England in 2005 (“A beautiful final”) handed over the Taktikexperin your office to the then equally successful, Silvia Neid.

“Tina always gives 100 percent, is extremely meticulously. For you there are no half measures,” says Ex-national player Renate Lingor, the shares for years at the DFB in Frankfurt, an office with her former trainer. “I particularly appreciate your honesty. You knew and will always know where you stand. And we laugh very much.”

A life for women’s football: Still in the Hobby-photographer full-time at the DFB has: Talent selection and Development, Trainer-training, professionalisation, and cooperation with the German Olympic sports Confederation (DOSB) are just a few of their areas of responsibility. Also for the world Association FIFA, she was employed in various functions.

Very good contact, it maintains to Horst Hrubesch, who manages the national team since March on an interim basis. To him you are certified a great Job: “He’s top-class coach and it gets really good. Fun and self-verttrauen back.”

Even if the great successes of the DFB-selection after the Olympics-in the absence of Gold in 2016, is not Theune worries about the future. At the world Cup in France in 2019, you trust the Team with the future of national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, a lot. “I believe that we can play a good role and the title. That is the claim.”