You don’t have to spend a lot on a mobile phone contract these days. Some mobile phone providers therefore lure you in with tariffs that cost little and offer a lot at first glance –, for example. There is currently 25 GB data volume for a deal price. But is the offer really worth it?

Paying a lot of money unnecessarily for a mobile phone contract? It doesn’t have to be. Many mobile phone providers offer tariff options for 10, 15 or 20 euros per month, including a relatively high data volume as well as telephone and SMS flat rates in all German networks. Before concluding, however, it is worth taking a closer look. The mobile phone provider currently has a tariff that at first glance seems to be a well-rounded package. We checked the offer.

20 5 gigabyte data volume extra for 11.99 euros

With mobile phone provider, customers can get a short-term contract with 25 gigabytes of LTE data volume including an all-network flat rate for SMS and phone calls to all German networks for EUR 11.99 instead of EUR 19.99 per month. If you opt for a 24-month contract, you also save the connection fee of EUR 19.99.

This includes the offer from

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If you like it flexible and want to keep the option open of being able to terminate the contract on a monthly basis, you have to pay the connection price. Positive: Even after the contract period of two years, the monthly fee remains at 11.99 euros.

Conclusion on the offer

There is a small catch with the offer: The deal is only available for a very short time. After that, the tariff costs 19.99 per month again. However, those who decide quickly can save eight euros a month and also get five gigabytes of data volume on top – from our point of view, this is a strong deal. Further advantages: Even if the new 5G standard is not used here, the o2 network is still available with a speed of 50 Mbit per second. This is perfectly sufficient for all everyday applications from surfing to WhatsApp and occasional YouTube videos. Frequent surfers who can still do without 5G will get their money’s worth here.

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