Centenary of Tatarstan fighting for leadership in IT

Great jubilee celebrates the Republic of Tatarstan. 100th anniversary of education. A corresponding decree on may 27, 1920, signed by the leader of the young Soviet state, Vladimir Lenin.

an address on the occasion of the festive date by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. “We always have to return back where you started. It is very important that the 100th anniversary of Tatarstan is not only the occasion of our Republic, is a Russian national holiday, because we are one of the component parts of our great country. And holiday date determined by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation”, — said Minnikhanov.

the First and second presidents of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev and Rustam Minnikhanov took part in the extinguishing of commemorative stamps for the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Tatar ASSR. The stamp depicts the emblem of the Republican national landmark and ornament.

“Yes, we are different, the Federation complex in the world. This is our destiny. I believe that this fate is difficult, but it unites us and we appreciate them,” — said Shaimiev.

Also for the holiday, the Bank of Russia issued a commemorative coin in denomination of 3 rubles, which was also submitted to the presidents.

the first President Mintimer Shaimiev, of course, a special role in the development of modern Tatarstan. Largely due to his wisdom in that moment, when Boris Yeltsin asked the Russian regions as much sovereignty as they can “swallow”, Russia has not fallen apart. Yeah, Tatarstan got its own Constitution, its own President, its communications with other regions and other countries. But thanks to the political will of Mintimer Shaimiev of Tatarstan has chosen the path part of the Russian Federation, which is now in the country, probably no one regrets.

Many countries in example — national and confessional policy of the Republic of Tatarstan. In the Republic a few centuries co-exist peacefully Muslims and Orthodox. As a symbol of this neighbourhood Orthodox BLgovemance Cathedral and the largest in Europe, the Kul-Sharif mosque stand side by side, as an integral part of the Kazan Kremlin.

just over 10 years was rebuilt the ancient city of Bolgar, which is called the cradle of Russian Islam, and the island town of Sviyazhsk, the first Orthodox town in the Volga region, founded in 1551. At UNESCO, the efforts of the authorities of Tatarstan appreciated, and in 2014 in the world heritage list included the Bulgarian historical and archaeological complex, and in 2017 — the assumption Cathedral and the monastery of Sviyazhsk. Since then, the number of tourists to these attractions have increased in 15 times — up to a million a year. And the capital of Tatarstan Kazan last year was visited by 3.5 million guests. The fourth place in Russia.

Tatarstan is known not only for tourists but also fans of the sport. In 2013, Kazan hosted the summer Universiade. The holding of such major sporting events has become a serious challenge that the city coped brilliantly. For the Universiade was built 30 sports facilities. There arrived athletes from 160 countries to cast medals in 27 sports.

But after the Universiade Kazan keep up a sporty pace. There are constantly held competitions at the highest level. In 2015, Kazan hosted the world championship in water sports. From Curling to judo, fencing, athletics, synchronized swimming… So Tatarstan confidently takes the position of the third sports capital of Russia and to give it to anyone not going.

Tatarstan and fighting for leadership in the field of digital technology. 40 kilometres away from Kazan three years has built up a brand new IT city called Innopolis. There is already work in University, medical and sports centres, a kindergarten and a school, IT-Lyceum. And in Innopolis last year was the first in Europe unmanned taxi. Tatarstan can be proud of, something to strive for and to grow. Congratulations on the anniversary!

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