Tervuren (dpa/tmn) – The Royal Museum for Central Africa near Brussels, renovation, opens again after five years. From the 9. December 2018, visitors can learn in the neo-classical magnificent building back over the colonial period, cultural heritage and biodiversity in the centre of Africa.

the partly dark history of the contemporary States democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

The Belgian king Leopold II (1835-1909) was the Museum in the municipality of Tervuren for the 1897 world exhibition building to present to the world his private colony. He led in the Congo free state a brutal Regime: the Case of hostage-taking, mutilation, massacres, and epidemics found millions of Congolese people the death.

Due to the colonial-friendly orientation of the Museum, the house stood a long time in the criticism. For the renewal of the main exhibition, a scientific Commission was put together – including some researchers of African origin.

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