At the CES technology fair in Las Vegas, the Finnish motorcycle manufacturer Verge exhibited an impressive electric motorcycle – it can even be pre-ordered. But there’s a catch.

Electric motorcycles are currently at a disadvantage compared to electric cars. It is obviously much more difficult to clamp batteries between two wheels instead of four, so that the range of many motorcycles is severely limited. The Finnish motorcycle manufacturer Verge Motorcycles wants to change that – and is showing a superlative electric motorcycle at the CES technology trade fair in Las Vegas.

Equipment on top level

With a peak output of 204 hp (150 kW) and 1200 Newton meters of torque at the rear wheel, the Verge TS Ultra is not only supposed to keep up with the powerful combustion engine competition, but thanks to a maximum range of up to 375 kilometers it can also survive day trips without a charging stop. And even if the TS Ultra runs out of breath – the bike should regain its strength within 25 minutes at the right charging station. This corresponds to a normal refueling stop with a short break, so it would not be a hindrance even when driving in groups. Verge specifies the battery capacity as 20.2 kilowatt hours.

The maximum speed of the power naked should be 200 kilometers per hour, the sprint to 100 km/h should take no longer than 2.5 seconds. For comparison: a Ducati Streetfighter V4S needs around 3.3 seconds despite 208 hp. Of course, the electric motorcycle is at a disadvantage when it comes to top speed, as otherwise the battery would be exhausted too quickly.

The Verge TS not only scores with sufficient performance for frequent drivers, but also with optical peculiarities that are otherwise only known from films like “Tron”. While the front wheel is stuck in an upside-down fork from Wilbers or Öhlins as usual, the rear wheel only has a big gaping hole. Because the rear wheel, which is also the engine of the motorcycle, does not have spokes. The drive is framed by a rim ring brake, and the number plate holder is attached to the hub at the rear.

The combination of motor and rear wheel requires a certain width, which is why Verge uses tire size 240/45 ZR 17 for the TS Ultra, which is unusually wide for a power naked. The motorcycle comes standard with two pairs of footpegs. According to the manufacturer, this should either enable two people to travel or change the seating position. Footrests just behind the front tire are used for a relaxed ride and thus a relaxed posture, while rests at the height of the seat are available for a sportier posture.

Starting price for the base model on par with luxury Ducati

Verge offers the futuristic look for all models in the TS series – because there are three. The TS and the TS Pro basically only differ in terms of performance and battery capacity, and there are fewer paint finishes to choose from. All models are expected to be launched this year. Verge wants to start with the TS Pro in May, with the TS from September and the Ultra model should appear in the fourth quarter.

But you shouldn’t see a Verge motorcycle often, because the starting price of the bike built in Estonia is 33,011 euros. If you want to buy the Verge TS Ultra, you will have to pay at least 54,431 euros. By purchasing an Alcantara seat, the maximum price increases to 55,181 euros.

In comparison, Verge doesn’t look particularly attractive, even if you equip an Energica Ego with all possible accessories, you won’t make it over 46,500 euros. At Zero Motorcycles, 30,000 euros is pretty much the upper limit for similar models. When it comes to nitro motorcycles, you have to delve deep into the catalogs of luxury brands like Ducati or Harley-Davidson to find similarly priced examples.