Channing Tatum made his writing debut with The One and Only Sparkella. His children’s book is now being made into a film. That is already known.

Channing Tatum’s (42) 2021 children’s book “The One and Only Sparkella” will be filmed. The US actor announced this on Instagram. Alongside a photo, which shows him in a pink tutu and holding his book, he proudly captioned, “‘Sparkella’ comes to life with a live-action film!”

Responsible for the adaptation is Pamela Ribon (47), who wrote some of his favorite animated films. According to the link, it is an MGM production. Tatum did not give any further details about the film project.

He ended his post with an advance notice of his second book. Sparkella Makes a Plan will be released on May 31st.

“The One and Only Sparkella” inspired by Channing Tatum’s daughter

“The One and Only Sparkella” tells the story of a girl named Ella. This one has its own sparkling style, but changes it based on comments from her classmates. She then receives a loving lesson in self-acceptance from her father.

Channing Tatum used his eight-year-old daughter Everly as inspiration for his books. In the fall, he told “Everything I write in these books is pretty much direct inspiration from something that happened to Evie and I. It doesn’t help me write the books, but my experiences do that I did with an eight-year-old are basically the inspiration for those things, those little stories.” So one morning Everly decided against her favorite outfit. “I don’t want to be mocked,” she explained to her father. This then wrote “The One And Only Sparkella”.

Everly is Channing Tatum’s only child. It comes from his relationship with actress and dancer Jenna Dewan (41). After almost nine years of marriage, the couple separated in 2018.