How stable is Charlene of Monaco and how is her marriage to Prince Albert II? In an interview, she now breaks her silence.

How is Charlene von Monaco (44) really doing after her months-long hospital stay in Switzerland? The wife of Prince Albert II (64) has now broken her silence in an interview with “Monaco Matin” and, among other things, also talked about her current state of health. “I’m very happy to be back home in Monaco and with my family,” she said. Prior to her hospitalization, Charlène had been stuck in South Africa for many months with an ear, nose and throat condition and was unable to travel back to Europe.

In the meantime, she feels much more “relaxed”, but wants to continue to approach future tasks calmly and not rush into anything. She still has to recover from her illness. She described the past few months as “long, difficult and painful” and her condition is still not stable to this day. Her focus is now on her family, she wants to devote all her energy to her children and her husband.

She clears up the divorce rumors

Charlene von Monaco does not go into detail in the conversation about the rumors of divorce and separation that keep flaring up. Nevertheless, she explains: “We are only human.” The only difference is that she and her family are constantly exposed to the media. Any weakness would go straight to the public. Her husband always stood by her during this difficult time: “He did everything to protect our children and me.”